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Happy Stayed Late at the Fair - Evil Clown Art

Happy Stayed Late at the Fair - Evil Clown Art

$ 5.00

Remember when evil clowns were something we were afraid of? Return to more innocent days, when murderous clowns were the things of nightmares.

Happy the Clown is up to no good. He has stayed after the fair has shut down for the night, on the prowl for trouble. And maybe murder. Why yes, that IS acid dripping out of his trick flower!

Painted with acrylic paints and a lot of joy, this is a twisted piece from right before the Great Pandemic shutdown of 2020. Martha is sad she won't get to display it at her local fair this year, but you can put it in your house! Also great as a card to send to people you love. Or want to freak out. Clowns do bring out the emotions, don't they?

Available as

  • 8" x 10" archival print
  • 11" x 14" archival print
  • Greeting Card - blank inside; archival paper, comes with envelope

© Martha Hull 2020

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